Why Buggy Wheel Electric Vehicles Are Hard Plastic

Children are generally not long distance cycling, strength plastic can withstand the weight of the child, and easy to carry, what time the children think of it can ride immediately play.

Children on the market electric vehicle owners to have the following categories: electric cars, electric motorcycles, electric engineering vehicles, plush toys, electric cars and so on.

electric carMost child car electric car with a remote control, because wraparound seats, generally not easy to fall off from the car, but still do not understand can independently take control of children over 1 year old can be controlled by a parent using the remote control, etc. children 3 years old to be able to control their own time, it can be used by children for children on their own electric vehicle accelerator pedal control, but you still need to look after the parents on one side, to ensure safety. Electric cars currently on the market's largest-selling children's electric car types.