Kids Electric Car Children Like Toys

For children to buy back the Kids Electric Car should be fully charged, and then in use. This is because the baby carriage from the factory to the sales are sealed, placed a long time, so the mothers remember to be fully charged and then use. And charge the best battery so that the battery set aside for ten minutes in use.

Remember to always open the seat, the baby carriage battery connector on the dust, dirt to clean, so that the battery to keep dry, clean, can effectively prevent the baby carriage battery discharge itself.

Must not let the baby carriage battery in a state of no electricity, stroller often use the battery charge and discharge, which can increase the battery life, preferably half a month or a month or two charge.

Baby carriage is to play the baby, so in life, adults do not go up to open two laps, often overloaded running, then let the battery discharge current is too large and damage the battery.

Childs vehicles in the play, try not to wait until the battery is no electricity to go to the charge, so that the battery will lead to excessive oxidation of lead acid, resulting in greatly reduced storage capacity. Generally wait until the battery power left one third of the time you can go to charge Le.

Do not overcharge. General stroller are power display, in the charging time, can not charge all day and night. Otherwise the battery will be due to dehydration and lead to deformation of the battery.

The battery should be charged in a cool, ventilated, away from the open fire environment charge (plug the charging plug, be sure to pay attention to the inlet and outlet insulation at the end of the case), to the battery a good cooling environment, nor in the hot sun After exposure to charge, so as to avoid hydrogen explosion.

Charger and battery models to match. Children's Kids Electric Car to buy back a long time, and some mothers may accidentally throw the charger to the lost, and then casually bought a baby carriage battery. Different types of chargers have a significant impact on battery life.

Most of the Kids Electric Car with a remote control, due to the surrounding seat, generally not easy to fall from the car, more than 1 year old can ride independently but do not understand the control of children can be used by parents to control the remote control, and other children to the 3 years old can control their own time, you can use children's Kids Electric Car pedal pedal to control their own, but still need to have parents in the side to take care to ensure safety. Kids Electric Cars are currently on the market the largest sales of children's electric vehicle types.

Electric vehicles in addition to ordinary electric vehicles forward and backward functions, as well as engineering vehicles and the same functions, and generally can plug all kinds of trailers, you can more comprehensive exercise children's ability to control, and thinking ability, and The ability to cooperate with the body function. Generally suitable for children over 3 years old. Many of these branches of electric vehicles cover the actual types of engineering vehicles, including tractors, excavators, cranes, loaders, dump trucks, etc. There are many types of trailers: cement mixers, tractors and so on.