Electric Tractor Or Improve The Backward Status Of The Logistics Industry

With China's rapid growth of online transactions, accompanied by logistics service sector has also been a rapid development. But now there are still logistics delivery slow, manual operation, and low efficiency. Partly because the concept and management of the logistics industry has been behind the times, the Department can not meet consumer demands for fast and efficient logistics.

On the other hand, the logistics industry itself obsolete equipment, logistics still use most of the way the human hand, the efficiency of low-cost, high cost, is the rapid development constraints of logistics.

Electric tractor is expected to improve the appearance of the backward status of the logistics industry. Compared with the traditional electric tractor tractor has the following advantages:

First used in all electrical energy, motivated, able to tow cargo weight is 2-3 times that of conventional tractor, you can also save a lot of manpower, reduce costs for enterprises.