Electric Motorcycle Maintenance Knowledge

1, it should not replace the charger, do not remove the speed controller.

Chargers each manufacturer are generally individualized demand, not sure when the do not arbitrarily replace the charger. If you continue the mileage requirements are relatively long, in order to be equipped with multiple remote charging charger, put the day up charge charger charger using additional supplements, and the evenings are using Original charger. Remove the speed controller, although you can increase the speed of some cars, in addition to reducing the safety car outside will reduce battery life.

2, protect the charger.

General Instructions above all on the protection of the charger instructions. Many users do not see the customary specification, often in addition to looking after the problem was thought to see specification, often too late, so it is necessary to look at the manual. To reduce costs, and now the Chargers have not done is basically the design of high resistance to vibration, so generally do not put the charger motorcycle electric car trunk and basket. Under special circumstances, it must move, but also make the charger packed with foam to prevent vibration of the bumps. After a lot of vibration charger, its internal potentiometer will drift, making the parameter drift, resulting in abnormal state of charge. The other is the need to pay attention when charging the charger to maintain ventilation, otherwise not only affect the life of the charger, the charge status can also affect the thermal drift. So will the battery formation damage. So, protect the charger is also very important.